Intercessory Prayer Group

What is an intercessory prayer group?

At APLC, we are a group of 6-8 caring individuals who believe in the power of prayer and who feel a calling to follow Jesus’ mandate to pray without ceasing for our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We gather twice a month in the intimate space of the Counseling Room, to pray for members of the congregation who have registered a request for prayer, for our congregation, our pastors, for community and world events and leaders, and for any issues close to our hearts. We use the Prayer of the Church as our guide, and we lift those on our lists and in our hearts to God’s caring.  We praise God for healing and for all the good He brings to our lives.

None of us are orators or preachers, but we trust the leading of the Holy Spirit to give us the words and incline our hearts to the needs of those for whom we pray.  We welcome those who have special prayer requests to come and pray with us for one time, or every time.  Or, if you prefer, you can drop your prayer request, signed or unsigned, in the “Prayer Drop Box” outside the sanctuary.  All prayer requests will be kept confidential within the prayer group unless you specify that they be shared at services by adding them to the Prayer of the Church.

If you’ve ever felt uplifted by the prayer of another for you, you might want to share that gift with others sometime.  Come pray with us…and try us out.  See the church calendar for the schedule, or call Donna Steinmetz.