Abiding Care Team
The mission of the Abiding Care Team is “to carry out the biblical mandate of healing for body, mind and spirit for the benefit of members of the congregation and the wider community through listening, prayer support, and deeds of sustaining helpfulness.”  
Our volunteers are glad to provide rides when needed, for members who cannot drive themselves. We bring meals when people are going through a time of transition or difficulty, whether it's occasioned by a happy event like the birth of a baby, or because someone is ill or otherwise indisposed. We visit the home-bound, and run errands or do whatever would be most helpful for them. 

If you know of a situation within our community where the Care Team could be of service, or if you would like to volunteer to help us, please contact  Lorraine Metzger (609) 883-7561    llrooms@comcast.net  or Betty Huff  (609) 671-0582   huff215@comcast.net .